Shika Shika Records (ARGENTINA)

Shika Shika is a global collective without owners for music without borders.

We are inspired by nature, by tradition, by the past and by the future. Our direction is fresh, different, genre hopping organic-electronic-digital-folk.

Shika Shika was founded in 2015 by Agustín Rivaldo (Barrio Lindo) and Robin Perkins (El Búho) to showcase the new wave of music appearing in cities around the world, inspired by the meeting between folk tradition and modern electronic production.

We love music that brings together worlds, that knows no borders or genre boundaries and that is pushing the fusion between rhythms, cultures, sounds, languages and ideas.

We believe in people, we believe in collaboration and we believe in the power of music to impact our lives and our planet.

Shika Shika was founded somewhere on the internet between Mexico City and Buenos Aires but has grown to become an international collective of producers, musicians, artists with a common interest: creativity without borders.

Genre: world music, electronic, organic, experimental, folklore, cumbia.

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