Kurup (BRAZIL)

Новый EP от бразильского продюсера Kurup, вышедший на лейбле Shika-Shika в мае 2017.

Minguante is the Brazilian Portuguese for the “waning moon” — the most introspective and reserved phase of the moon. Inspired by the mysterious attraction of the this moment, Brazilian producer Kurup´s latest EP invites us into his world with four fairytale tracks, rich in sculpted electronic sound, exquisitely chosen percussion and flourishes of the musical traditions of his Brazilian background.

Born in Cerrado, the vast tropical savannah of Brazil´s Goiás state, Renato Rocha, AKA Kurup describes his music as ´selva elettrica´ (Electric Forest) and listening to Minguante, it is as if his deep, electronic productions were filtered through the natural world — plants, insects, the dry wind, the moon. This EP was produced especially for Shika Shika and features remix from fellow Brazilian Pigmalião and Shika Shika founders History of Colour AKA El Búho & Barrio Lindo.

Kurup is currently a resident DJ in Sonido Trópico and part of Frente Bolivarista, Tropical Twista and Shika Shika family.

Kurup — soundcloud.com/ku_rup

released May 17, 2017

Masters by Rob Small

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